Latest Games

Madden NFL 18 Review

It’s interesting to see how balancing fluctuates from year to year with Madden. Sometimes it’s a defensive game, sometimes it’s an offensive game and ...[Read More]

Nidhogg 2 Review

Nidhogg reveled in simplicity. Messhof’s one-on-one fencing experience stripped away the ornamental redundancy of a traditional fighting game an...[Read More]

Sine Mora EX Review

If you find yourself trying to explain gaming purity, it would be difficult to summon evidence as enduring as the shoot ’em up genre. From Space...[Read More]

Demetrios – The Big Cynical Adventure Review

I feel like I’ve been torturing myself this week with point and click games. When I say ‘torturing’, I mean giving myself a good challenge, not actual...[Read More]

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

In 2015, the original Mega Man Legacy Collection showcased Mega Man as a product of a single, 8-bit era.  Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 presents Mega M...[Read More]


Streets of Rage and Double Dragon were two beat ‘em up games that I grew up with in the arcades and on console (SoR was on the Genesis). They took a s...[Read More]

Latest Movies

Everything, Everything – Blu-ray, DVD, & Digital

“What if you couldn’t touch anything in the outside world? Never breathe in the fresh air, feel the warm sun on your face . . . or kiss the boy next d...[Read More]

Snatched [4K + HDR]

Snatched ——– Summary: A mother-daughter duo go on a much needed vacation to Ecuador, South America. Little do they know they are goi...[Read More]

LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Brain Drain

LEGO movies, small and/or large budget, typically end up entertaining times one way or another. With such an extensive LEGO family to choose from, the...[Read More]

The Hunter’s Prayer

Summary: A troubled assassin has to decide whether or not he can complete his mission which requires killing a young innocent girl in this action-pack...[Read More]

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

“Acclaimed filmmaker Guy Ritchie brings his dynamic style to the classic Excailbur myth that traces Arthur’s journey from the streets to the throne. W...[Read More]

Pretty Little Liars: The Seventh and Final Season

The seventh and final season of Pretty Little Liars heads to DVD. How does it do in comparison to the other seasons? Lots of complicated material here...[Read More]

Latest News

Phoenix Labs launches Dauntless Founder’s Alpha

Check out those official details below. VANCOUVER – AUGUST 18 – Phoenix Labs launched th...[Read More]

Bandai Namco Entertainment releases Gamescom trailer for Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

Neat trailer. Check out the goods below. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. has released a new ...[Read More]

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet bringing the third-person action with the RPG

That should up the series a bit. Check out the goods below. Santa Clara, Calif., (August 18, 2017) –...[Read More]

Powerpuff Girls heading to LEGO Dimensions — trailer inside

Hopefully we get to see HIM. Check out the official details and trailer below. Warner Bros. Interact...[Read More]

Project CARS 2 gets a Gamescom Trailer

Roll that beautiful bean footage! Project CARS 2 is poised to wow racing fans attending Gamescom 201...[Read More]

American Gods announced for DigitalHD and Blu-ray/DVD release in October

Starz did a great job with this show. Check out the official release details below. SANTA MONICA, CA...[Read More]

ECHO gets a full level walkthrough trailer

I’m really intrigued by this game. It looks fun, stealthy and a bit intense. A little bit of M...[Read More]

Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier announced for PS4, XB1 and PC

If it’s as good as the films, I’m in. Check out the official details below. London – Aug...[Read More]